Our Founder

Collin McKenzie
 Maskein USA is based out of Northeast OH

Our founder noticed that a lot of people were complaining about wearing masks mainly due to the fact that they are uncomfortable, especially the strap on the ears. Upon recognizing this problem, Maskein USA began to think of ways in order to alleviate that irritating pain. After months of research and development we have finally found a solution.

The “Ear Buddy®” which is a very soft and comfortable material that attaches easily to the face mask strap in order to eliminate that discomfort. It is currently PATENT PENDING and the best part is that we made sure that our company, manufacturing, and even the material is all MADE IN THE USA. Due to the current situation we decided not to outsource to China even if it was more than 80% cheaper for our cost.

He sincerely hopes that you enjoy our high quality products and asks you to reach out to him if you have any questions or concerns!

As Always, Stay Safe!