Anti-Fog Face Mask Clip

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  • [Secure Hold] - Designed to ensure a secure fit on disposable or cloth masks in order to hold it into place.
  • [Eliminates Fog] - Specifically designed to eliminate the fogging of glasses.
  • [Saves Makeup] - With no hot air traveling towards your eyes your makeup will no longer be ruined.
  • [Made in USA] - We made sure that our company, manufacturing, and even the material is all Made in the USA.
  • [Premium Quality] - Seeing how many people are providing low-quality face mask accessories is unacceptable! Our new quality and production process undergoes rigorous testing and quality inspection before we even mail out your order.
  • [Ultimate Comfort] - Experience comfort like no other while you stay protected while wearing a mask. 

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The clips are 3D printed(maybe slight imperfections) with a rigid/hard plastic material and MAY require a simple one-time adjustment to fit your unique face and mask material. Simply heat the plastic per the included instructions to adjust where necessary. You'll be amazed at how well these work!


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DO NOT bend the clip to conform to your mask. We recommend to bend your mask to fit the clip and if the clip doesn't conform to your nose or fit your mask quite right follow these instructions;

  1. Gently heat up the plastic with a hairdryer or hot running water (70C/ 158F) for 30 seconds, until it becomes slightly soft, allowing you to adjust the shape of your nose and widen or narrow the slots (depending on the thickness of your mask).
  2. Begin to slowly and gently pull the clip outwards until it perfectly conforms to your face.
  3. Then bring it under cool running water for 30 seconds.
  4. Once the plastic cools it will keep the new shape for a perfect fit every time.
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 if it needs re-adjusting.


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