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Ear Saver

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  • [Simplicity] - Easy to use application; just hook the elastic strap onto the desired notch.
  • [Made in USA] - We made sure that our company, manufacturing, and even the material is all Made in the USA.
  • [Relieves Ear Pain] - Reduces pressure wounds caused by wearing a mask.
  • [Premium Quality] - Seeing how many people are providing low-quality face mask accessories is unacceptable! Our new quality and production process undergoes rigorous testing and quality inspection before we even mail out your order.
  • [Ultimate Comfort] - Experience comfort like no other while you stay protected while wearing a mask. 


    • Can only be washed with mild soap or alcohol.
    • Can't be exposed to high temperatures like the dishwasher.
    • This is a 3D printed product so there may be some minor imperfections.

    Dimensions: 6.25"  x  1"H